1• Some states have two links for the filings .
-General Unemployment portal and
– Direct Unemployment portal

If the states you applying for has two links then u can go directly to the Direct Unemployment portal and file for the assistance

2• Some states have only One (1) link for the filings
– General Unemployment Portal

If the states got only one link, then you must first file at the General Unemployment portal, if you get declined then they will now create a Direct Unemployment portal for you to apply
For example for Virginia state filings, it has two links to signup
General unemployment portal: https://www.vec.virginia.gov/
Direct PUA Portal: https://www.vec.virginia.gov/html/pua.html
So in summary, if the states you applying at, has two website links including the Direct PUA link then you can go straight and apply with the Direct PUA link
If the states has only one website link for application, you first apply for the General Unemployment, if you get declined they will create a Direct PUA portal for you

3• When you get to the Employment status, those who filed as ‘Self-Employed’ get higher money than those who filed that they work in companies
The Pandemic assistance favors those who are self-employed more, because they think those guys are don’t have bosses to pay them allowances during this corona season and also so they not getting any income Cos of the Covid-19 issues whilst at home

4• If you are asked about how much you earn annually last year , make sure the amount you mention is between $16,850 and $42,100.
The higher the amount u make the better

5• If you chose “Self-Employed” and they ask you what job you do for a living, tell them you a professional photographer and you take professional photos at weddings and parties for a living

6• And if they ask you, how the Covid-19 affected your occupation, just tell them you were booked for weddings and parties for the whole year, but because of this covid-19, you have to cancel all and stay home, so you not making any money
There is no way anyone can ask you to prove that you a photographer, unless they want u to download pictures and send to them

7• When you are asked to file for the 6 weeks,the amount you said u make in a year, you can calculate to see how much you make in a week and then an hour , type of earnings should be self-employed

8• In filling for the weeks, you have to know that the week start with Sunday and ends on Saturday, so if they ask for Week Endings date for each week, make sure you write the Saturday date for each week u filed for.. this very important or they will decline you

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