Ok now lemme walk you guys through one of the applications, Now

Note 📝:
1• Almost all the states ask the Same Questions so I can use one state’s Q&A to show u guys how to answer other states

2• Just because I used a state as an example here doesn’t mean all of you 11k subscribers should all do same state, it not advisable

California state no longer pays to your movo, they send an EDD card to the address on file, so if you applying for California and you don’t know the person you filing for, pls don’t waste your time bcos they will send the money to real owner.

Am using California as an example for the tutorials Q&A so you guys can see how some of the questions are answered, California doesn’t send to Movo so it not that good to apply there, am just using them as exhibition for the 11k subscribers here

1• I first clicked on File a new UI claim, if the state you applying for has a General Unemployment Portal then you can start with that first before you go to the Direct PUA

2• There many ways to file for it, I chose Online as that easy

3• This page came up next , I clicked on the Unemployment Benefit programs Online

4• I was asked to signup/register for a new account

5• After registering for a new account , I clicked on “File a new Claim” since it my first time of filing

6• Now the Q&A start, when they ask if you have worked for another states in the past 18 months or served in military or government agency, just choose “NO”

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