How to get fullz work EID and TAX ID to replace W2 form

1• First of all get a good fullz of someone who works,
don’t take just any broke ass person who doesn’t even pay
his taxes, the better his score, the more money he will get

2• Use a background search site like Truthfinder or any other
background site, to get the real company the person works in,
even if you don’t see his current company, you can choose his
previous company.

3• When I did background search of the company I used, I
realized the profile works at a company called Summer
Energy Holdings inc.

4• Now that you have the Company he works for, go to to get the Company Tax ID or EIN

5• I just input the company name here, and the address,
phone number and EIN number of the my profile works for,
was shown here as expected.

6• After that, go to to get the
Total Assets of the company the profile works for.

7• Before you can do any search, first click on Signup

8• Input your email address, Choose Accountant,Auditor or
Actuary for Primary Job function and then create your
FreeErisa Account.

9• Just Fill random the info, you can use any fake USA number

10• A link will be sent to the email you put there.

11• Enter the email and click on Activate Now

12• After account has being created, put the company of the
profile there, write the ZipCode there and search for it

13• Put down ✍🏽 the Average Assets of the company.

14• Now that you have the company EIN and Average Assets,
proceed to filing for the Tax Refund of the Ssn profile💪🏾.

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