20• Choose “I didn’t file last year”
With the Spouse info, u can assume any info there

21• You can go to elfqrin.com to generate an ID number to put there

22• After this, you will send code to either phone or email attached and submit the tax filings

23• Since I choose the free version , $0 charges for the TurboTax filings, I won’t need to pay anything for it and my total charges will be $0.
This the name of the app I used to file, and it on App Store
If you can’t see the free version on the TurboTax , just follow this
TurboTax app isn’t in Africa apple Store, use a USA apple store before you will see it, so don’t use a Nigerian apple store and be complaining, you can logout and create a new store

24• Now after you are done filing , you can wait for some days(don’t ask how many) and then visit this link below, to know the Status of your filing, if they are now processing , they will say Pending.

I checked mine, and it showed that my refund application has being received
After some days, I checked again and this is what I saw, They will pay me all my tax refund money by January 29th‼️💰

Someone will ask : Boss I just checked my status and can’t see any response on the tax site

Ans; they haven’t received or processed your info yet, many people are filing so can take weeks sometimes.

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