Hi Friends,

Here is spectrum full tut, follow the following instructions and thank me later.

1. Get fullz and open Spectrum new account or make client create account and request for internet services.

2. Verify account with SSN and DOB to validate account. If SSN’s/Client’s score is good or bad, no worries, you good to go.

3. Login with state IP and add 1 phone to cart(iPhone 12/Pro) and run ssn check.

4. If SSN passed, proceed and choose your plan and pay today bills.

5. If SSN didn’t pass, get state local bin, strictly local bins and pay full amount of device.

6. Make sure your card is live before you proceed else ‘declined’ would spoil your account.

7. Charge card, if you get ‘thank you, order’s being proceed’, that’s 70% Shipment. Don’t kill card if you haven’t gotten shipment mail.

8. Upon successful order, you’ll be mailed final order confirmation, that’s 100% Shipment.

9. Shipment is FEDEX 2 Day delivery.

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