Buy a ShopWithScrip login, u can login on mobile or pc ,
if your ip is good, u will just bypass and login,
if your device has being blacklisted then account will be messed up and u won’t login
if u card your e-gift cards from ShopWithScrip, u can just go to paxful and exchange it to btc instantly and u are done or you messg me i also buy e-gift cards

Please take note I noticed that paxful do ripp some people that don’t know how to trade

Don’t login many account on , they might blacklist the device

Once u login, you will see many kind of Gift cards .. there is amazon , iTunes , google pay , Starbucks, Walmart gift cards of any type

When u done, u can add more and add to cart , they will charge an extra 2.5% to go to the school’s charity or foundation , but don’t worry about that

You can also add some iTunes gift cards to it

Now proceed to cart

This the total amount of gift cards I bought, total is around 2thousand 200$

Once your order is done :white_check_mark:, check your email for confirmation

After this email , I will get all the gift card codes, the physical ones too will be sent to my USA address

Always make sure that the ShopWithScrip account u are buying , has a bank account attached , so they withdraw the money from the bank attached.

So it easy work, u login, but gift cards u want and use bank attached to pay for them :moneybag: :dollar:

All you need to do is just follow the tutorials very carefully and I tell you that you will be a living testimony

Dm ASAP if you have any question

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