Make sure you have
Name, SSN, DOB, Address information.
Stores you can get this are

Pre:2• Make sure you have background information account to help you bypass any verification questions;

• Truthfinder (not free)
• (it a free site)

Obviously the free site might be good but won’t be better than the paid site. Contact me for truthfinder acct, got some few am selling off

1• First of all, go to this website to access the SBA LOANS

2• Click on APPLY HERE

3• Choose The option marked by the arrow in the pic

4• Check ✅ All the Boxes

5• For the Business and Trade Name, Put the First and Last Name of the ssn info you using

6• Put the ssn info of the client there , and choose Sole Proprietorship. If asked about Non-Profit Organization choose NO

7• For the Gross Revenue, put any amount above $150,000

8• For the cost of goods, write anything Above $50k

9• For the rental properties, write anything below $35k

10• From the Non-Profit to the Compensation Sources, you can leave those boxes empty

11• When they ask for Business address, Put the Address of the Ssn information you are using there

12• You can use any phone Number there, but you must create a new email either using gmail or Hotmail and put it there as the Business Email 📧

13• With the Business Activity, Choose anything related to Sales or business information or Retail

14• Now this is the most IMPORTANT, when they ask for employees, put in any number between 10 and 17, this will make you eligible for high amount

15• At this page, Choose NO

16• Write the same information on the ssn info you are using, with Ownership percentage, write 100 and you can choose either Owner or CEO as title

17• Choose NO for all the questions on this page

18• Leave this whole page blank

19• This is where you will write the account info of the account you want to recieve the money into, you can use a prepaid card or a bank account .. But NOTE📝 : Make sure the name on the application is the same as the name on the account to receive the money or else they won’t approve nor pay 💰

20• Now on the Last Page (Summary)

21• Make sure the information is correct for the last time, here is the Business information U filled

22• Make sure the information is correct for the last time, here is the Business Owners information U filled

23• Complete this Captcha

24• Application has now being submitted

25• You will have to check your email within 24-48hrs for the approval email 📧 then you will be asked to review the amount to receive

26• Now After 24hrs you will recieve an email telling you that your SBA application is ready for next step and you are to “CREATE ACCOUNT”

27• Click on Create Account and you will be opened to a new page

28• Now on this page , you will be asked to review the Loan amount , and then Continue to Verify the identity

29• You will be asked 4 background questions, this is where you will need background website like truthfinder familytree and lendingtree and many others. You need to get atleast 3 out of 4 questions correct

30• Now if u get 3/4 or all the questions correct, this the next page which will come up

31• If this comes up, it means u didn’t get the right answers , when this comes up, don’t bother yourself .. it won’t work again no matter what you do, it the end for you

32• Your Application is now being processed, it doesn’t mean it done tho, they processing it cos u have finished verification.
Verification =Complete
Electronic disbursement= Complete
a• The car type
– Mostly if you don’t know the answer for this type of question , the answer is mostly None of the above unless you don’t get lucky
b• The date of birth
– This question is the easiest to get the answer to because every ssn info comes with Dob
c• The associated addresses or states
d• Associated names or relatives
– Now with the associated address and associated relatives , you can easily get them from background sites like truthfinder or familytree or People Finder a TLO plug
-So background site gives access to Associated addresses and associated relatives
32• So after you done with that, the application is now processing

33• After 2-3 days, they will send another email, however what you must know is that many people are filing for this SBA so sometimes it takes longer for them to respond to you.

34• Once all the information u input Checks our, you will be approved ‼️
Now previously I told you guys that the Name on the Ssn information should be the same as the name on the account receiving the money or else they won’t pay the SBA loan
However, if you buy the fullz and so not able to get the same names, I will teach you a simple trick Today to bypass this Security
When you get to the eligibility side, please edit the amount based on the limit of the recieving account , many guys cashing over $40k SBA loans on a $20k account
Someone was eligible for $44,900 SBA loans, but instead of editing the amount to $20k or $10k, allowed all to be paid, pls don’t repeat such mistake or they might not even pay you

The SBA pays 3 business days after they approve you, However because too many people have applied, it can take a week before they pay you so patience if u haven’t being paid

1• Now after you done with the first stage of filing the SBA, you will recieve this email after 2/3 days and they will ask you to signup

2• Once you create an account, This is where you can Edit the amount of money you are eligible for, so depending on the limit of the account or prepaid card you got, click here to change amount

3• So you can write any amount depending on how much you want them to send you, they don’t send in bit, the amount you write here is what sent to you at once

4• So if your account limit is $20k, then u write $20k there and then continue

5• Just because you have being asked to process your loan doesn’t mean you will be approved automatically

6• Amount has being confirmed, now next stage

7• With the Electronic Disbursements, you can review the account you want the payment to be sent to,you can change the account there or keep it like that, this will be your last chance to make this changes

8• Once you confirm the recieving account , it will be marked completed

9• Next stage will be the verification stage

10• As usual, you will be asked question about your date of birth, your associated address and associated relatives

11• If you get more than one question wrong, your identity won’t be Able to be verified , if you get this, then you are not getting paid, forget it

12• Even if you click Submit and it shows Completed, it doesn’t mean they have verified you, you still won’t get paid

13• If you are able to answer all the questions correct, this is what supposed to show

14• If you get approved, you will recieve an email like this

14a• If your client has an account with high limit, You can decide to allow the high amount to be paid

15• And you can have this kind of money conversation when the money enters

Some of you guys here file the SBA on your laptop with an IP, when you recieve the email to create account, then you access the email with your phone using vpn of another Ip, your application will be blacklisted cos it will look like two different people filing one info, u will wait for weeks and not get paid cos if different IPs

1• The IP you used to do the first loan application, should be the same IP you use for the second application and it advisable to get same state IP as the fullz you using
Or else they will think it more than one person applying for the info
So if you started the application with Mobile, it advisable to continue it with Mobile

2• Make sure the credit score of the ssn you used is high and not low; this is a loan so they don’t pay to just anyone whom they feel can’t pay back

You can check your credit score using any of the sites below
(But use USA IP to access the site below)




3• The probability of them paying the money is higher if the name on the loan application is the same as the bank receiving the money.
However if you can’t send the money to account with same name on Ssn, Or you don’t have the account attached to the Ssn then you can try this below

4. Sometimes the shop or spammer who sold u the log has sold it to someone else, so SBA cancels the application and focuses on the earliest ones, if that happens just talk to the shop or seller so he gives u new info


a• Use the ssn or fullz info to create a Paypal account

b• Click on Signup

c• Put in a real phone USA phone number here to signup

d• If you put in an app number , they will tell you it a VoIP number, So ask your USA 🇺🇸 client for his phone number , if you don’t have a client , tell your friend to ask his client for a number so you send a code there , the number u put there can be anyone’s number

e• After you are done creating the Paypal account with the SSN Name and address info, Click on
Settings and then click Direct Deposit

f• When you click on direct deposit , You will get the account number and routine number info on the paypal account linked to your ssn info.. The bank name too is here so don’t write payPal bank when you filling info

NB: Now am not saying you should use Paypal on their application, it cool to use Chime, Greendot,MyVanilla, Cashapp,Bluebird our Accountnow but if you finding issues creating them then you can create the Paypal direct deposit account for the job

So now that you have a Direct deposit info with same name as your ssn information, you can input it in the SBA payment

1• We all know paypal direct deposit has a low limit ($20k but if more than $30k is deposited , u should withdraw fast before it held

2• And if the account you have is a different name from the SSN info then the little trick is, You can create a paypal account with the ssn info, when you start the SBA application then you use the paypal as the account to recieve money to pass the verification , once you get the second email, then you change the disbursements information and put your account which doesn’t have same name as ssn there
In the beginning of the application, you can put the paypal info here since it has same name as the ssn
Then when you get an email to create account , you can click on edit Disbursements and then input your own account info here, however you can still leave the paypal info here if you wish to recieve the money into your paypal since the limit is around 20k

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