1• You can use the paypal App or go to browser and you can use any good IP or VPN for this job. Click on SIGNUP

2• Put a USA 🇺🇸 phone number here. Only USA ooo

3• If the Number you put there is an app number or not a real number, they will tell you

4• A code will be sent to the number attached

5• After that, Put the Name on the ssn fullz you have here, the email you will write here will be the paypal email

6• So this was the name on my fullz info and I used my email which isn’t attached to any Paypal
You don’t need to wait for any paypal card, it not needed for anything

7• Input the ssn address info here, type the address and don’t copy paste

8• Account is now created

9• When they ask you to link credit card it bank account, just sign out or close the app or close the browser

10• Your account finally opens when you enter the logins in a browser

NB: Now this paypal doesn’t have Direct Deposit features so you have to follow some little trick

First login the paypal login on browser

11• To activate the Direct Deposit Feature,Click on this link below on browser

12• Click on ‘Get the Card’

13• Click on “Request Your Card”

14• Your name and address will show, make sure it good

15• Write the Date of Birth and Last 4 SSN of the info you got

16• After you clicked on Agree, the Cash Card will be created for you

Asking about this card, by the time it sent, u would have finished with the job u doing and won’t even need card to withdraw, besides you can change the paypal info on the SBA to your own account after u pass the first stage

17• Your account will now look like this, there will be a CashCard account inside the paypal

18• To see the Direct Deposit info on account

19• Click on settings

20• Click on “Get your Direct Deposit info”

21• Your Direct Deposit info will be shown with name same as your ssn info, paypal uses wellsfargo routine number so you can write name of bank as Wellsfargo instead of paypal

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