PUA Filing + Weekly Certification Filing Guide
The first time a you file for a weekly benefit you will need to answer 6 questions. The answers on these screen shots are examples, please select the answer
that best applies to you.
Please note that these screenshots are of our test system and may not be identical to the live system; however, we hope this helps serve as a general guide in
the new PUA system.
The next 4 screenshots are one page in the PUA system, you will need first review and update your information before proceeding to answering the 6
questions for your PUA Weekly Certification Filing.

Direct PUA Portal: https://www.uc.pa.gov/unemployment-benefits/file/Pages/Filing-for-PUA.aspx


Review and update continue…


Review and update continue…


This is the final page of your information review and update before proceeding to the new screen in the PUA system to start your PUA Weekly
Certification Filing.


You’ll be redirected to the dashboard to start the Weekly Certification Filing process, select “File for Weekly Benefits.”


Select “File Your Weekly Certification to Continue Your Claim” to get started on your filing.


The first PUA Weekly Certification Filing Screen provides the Explanation of the Weekly Certification Process, simply select “Next,” to proceed to the next


The second screen of the PUA Explanation of the Weekly Certification Process provides legal reminders about potential fraud penalties, you’ll need to
select “I have read and understand the information regarding potential fraud penalties” prior to selecting “Next” to proceed with the Weekly Certification


Confirm that your name, address, phone number and email address are accurate. If not, select “Update Contact Information” to correct. If the
information is correct, select next.


On the Eligibility Screen, you will select “YES” if the COVID-19 Pandemic prevented you from being able to go to work. The week that you are
filing for will be visible.


You’ll continue through the Eligibility pages by answering questions on new self-employment/sideline businesses, training, and confirming
unemployment in the next three pages.


Eligibility questions continue…


Eligibility questions continue…


You’ll then need to confirm whether there was any job offer refusals during the week in which you are certifying.


Then, you’ll be asked to report any work activity and any earnings if work activity did take place.


The next two pages are of the Certification Summary that will be one screen in the PUA System.


Once you’ve reviewed the information and confirmed that it is correct, you’ll select “Next” to submit your weekly filing.


Select “Yes, I would like to continue” to continue filing for back dated weeks up to the date you were unemployed to file PUA weekly
certifications for each week of your unemployment for PUA benefit payments.
Note: The system has the date you entered as first unemployed from your initial claim and is has opened those weeks for you to certify.

You’ll be directed to the Claim Status Screen to see your information. Select “Exit Weekly Certification” to go back to your dashboard.

To see the weeks that you have claimed, select “Unemployment Services,” “Weekly Claim Certification.


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