$200 free from Chase

Chase almost constantly gives money to new clients who open an
account and receive a direct deposit from the employer to this
Bonuses can range from $ 200 to $ 500.
Many banks give out such bonuses, but Chase does not have a
minimum deposit amount from the employer, at which a bonus is
credited to us, which we will use.
The problem is that Chase will not count the bonus for peer-to-peer
transfers via zelle, cashapp, etc., as well as transfers from other banks.
But, there is a way to cheat the chase and get 200 bucks by
spending only 3 dollars.

Step 1.
Follow the link https://account.chase.com/consumer/banking/seo
Click on the green button and create a Chase open up.
Or we give this link to the seller of opnups
The process of opening an account for this offer and without it is
absolutely the same.
Nuance: sometimes, due to bad credit, Chase does not want to open
Total Checking and asks to open –°hase Secure Banking:

Secure Banking is not suitable for us, they do not give a bonus for it,
just use another fulllz if that happened.
Also, on the offer page, you can simply get a coupon by email and send
it to Chase’s support. If the account is not older than two months, the
coupon will be applied to the account (but once I got a open up after
contacting support, so I do not recommend it)

Step # 2
We will need a TransferWise account ( transferwise.com )
Register to any docks (or your own, if you like). Documents from any
country are accepted.
Click on Send money

Click on External account

Select the Same currency transfer and enter the amount of 3 USD
(if you have registered the transferwise account with any other than
USA ip, then probably the same currency option will not be available,
then select international so that the recipient receives money in USD)
Add recipient – Someone else
And then we fill in all the information as in the fullz of our Chase
openup (we do not fill in the first item “email”)

Well, we enter an / rn from chase openup.

We fill in everything, click on Confirm , at the next step we confirm
the transfer, and then pay.
Transferwise also accepts virtual kiwi cards.
By the way, Transferwise is a good thing when you need to
top up your vcc or any other openup ba for a test. Money
usually arrives at the bank the next day.

Step # 4
We track our bonus.
The chase app has a tracker that allows you to track when Chase
counts your transaction for a bonus, and this tracker will also show
you exactly what day the bonus will be in your account.
I am using the bluestacks android emulator for these purposes.
There is no such tracker in the web version (and in my experience, the
chase treats you much better when you log into your account through
the application, and not through the web version, so I highly
recommend using phone or emulators)
The tracker is usually updated 2 days after your TransferWise
transaction arrives.

Usually, Chase will deposit bonuses every Tuesday.

Step # 5
The bonus has come, you are great!
Use this money however you want. The bonus, of course, is chargeless.

This $ 200 bonus Chase offer is available
until January 20, 2021. That is, you must
create an account before January 20, and
in order to replenish this account for 3
bucks and receive a bonus, you will have
another 3 months.
And the chances are that on January 20, the chase will simply extend
the “action” for a few more months.

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