Hi friends,

Check out this new business loan.

Run am with business loan

Business info sorry

Then you use your clients details with high credit score as owner..

You go need taxpayer identification form, bank statements that’s all…they may ask for more depending on your credit and all sha but me na only wetin I upload be that..

66k, Run am bro…he dey pay

Use local bank

Same client

Simple tip when running loan. After you run a loan…

do not run another with same client info cus he dey quick decrease the credit score of the client placing a bad remark in the client credit history…

That’s why most times loan get rejected bc they go check your credit history n see that you don run another loan so don’t run a new loan immediately the other..

Same local bank

Abeg work on this…he dey pay soft…

Read this very well..

He dey drop






















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