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Here is Mississippi update. Follow the instructions below.


Website: Ms-ramp.com
Basics: The landlord has to be from Mississippi, and you have to use a fullz from any state, I’ll be including one that has a wife as tenant(we will be using the fullz and his wife as tenants), all fullz should have ssn too. You can also use one person as tenant, this is my own method though.

Mississippi will pay the amount you put as monthly rent for 12 months back and extra 3 months for future rents, so that’s 15 months in total, I use $2k as my monthly rent mostly and that means I’ll get paid at least 30k after approval.

They will be paying the money to the account of the landlord, which means your landlord info from MS is what will be paid, so if your drop needs name to match, open drop in name of the Landlord Fullz.

Make sure you use same signature you made for landlord when filling the docs they’ll be needing from landlord, and use the same signature made for tenant too for all docs they will be needing tenant to sign
Fill all and use valid email you made for landlord

Apply as landlord first

Click begin in landlord information

Fill all including landlord ssn. Use your valid email address for landlord.

Incase, on the main page on Ms-ramp.com if you scroll down on the ERA side, click on that 80% of area median income, so we will know how much to use as total income for our tenant and his wife.

So now we go to upload documents next after filling landlord information

For my county which is Hinds, this is the income limit they have set for it. That means for a 2 person family of the husband and wife we are using as tenants.. our combined income for them has to be less than 80% of $47,300 per year.

Fill the ACH form like this too, with your drop details. This details will be the info of the landlord and your drop account. Everything must be in the name of the landlord, even if you are using greendot to Walmart, if your drop needs name to match make sure you open a drop in name of landlord. Sign and put today’s date. ( this is old docs I used)

Look at the top for sample documents

Download the irs w-9 and the ACH direct deposit form

Upload both docs. And click upload all

Refresh page after a while to see if it’s been uploaded. The upload all button below will be a bit faint in blue when it has finished uploading

Next after upload go back and click add tenant.

Put email address of tenant, random phone number and now total number of people at residence should be 2(Husband and wife). And we also now put our monthly rent 2100 is what I’m using here, so amount of past due rent will be 2100 x 12 to get 25200, do your own maths for your own monthly rent.

Fill info of the husband tenant alone and use same address as landlord since it’s same house.

After you add tenant, you click sign, check all the boxes and do the needful

After that, you select the months of payments the tenant is owing the landlord, you pick from current month to the month that would make it 12 months old which will be august 2020 for now that we are in July 2021. The rent amount requested will be the 25200 + 3 months extra future payments (which will be 2100 x 3) and we get 31500 in total. Leave utilities empty.

Put zip of the house address

Now we are done with landlord, logout and move to I’m a tenant

Create account with husband tenant and the email you made for him.

Click begin on applicant information and fill like this

Fill all necessary info

Put the email address you used to create account for the landlord.

After you done save and click landlord information

Done ✅























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