This special tut is about using a third party website to buy giftcards instantly, you can then convert the gift cards to BTC (thats why i said LOG TO BTC tutorial)

For those in Ghana and Kenya u can easily convert the gift cards to mobile money or something. So its a win win situation


Make the money yourself and don’t be dashing out to others!!!!!

LETS GO!!!!!!

First of all, buy an Old “ShopwIthScrip” acct online (Creating a new account will be almost impossible because you will be asked for an enrollment code and a proof that your child attends a College in USA)

After getting the Old account, you can login on your Laptop or Mobile browser

Once you login, you will see many Gift cards in stock and since it is a fundraising site, a 2 or 5% rebate additional charge will be added to purchase so as to be given to the fundraiser

So you have an option to either choose a physical Giftcard or Egift Card

Physical Giftcards are sent to home address Next day and Egift Cards are sent to email address instantly

So once you see the kind of Gift cards you like, you click on them and add them to cart

Please ill attend to your questions in a bit

Let me finish up first………so if when i am done and your question is not answered ill try replying you all one after the other

Click on the cart, you will see all the ordered products and then Checkout or make the payment with the bank account attached to account (most old account are sold with bank attached)

Depends on which spammer or hacker you deal with, you can get a legit or valid one for at least 100$ with all the complete details

An email confirmation will be sent

A physical giftcard will be sent to address of your choice the next day

You can buy ShopwithScrip acct without bank attached, with that u need to buy another bank login and attach it

If you dont want issues, you can just buy one with bank attached so all you do is to login, add the cards to cart and make payment with the bank attached instantly

Once you get your giftcards you can easily redeem them either on paxful or afrbtc to get your bitcoins

So with that you have successfully gotten your funds to yourself!!!!


Now you can ask your questions

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