Hello friends,

Here is tutorial on how to open a Citibank USA🇺🇸 online.


1.Sock 5

2.Fullz of any state

3.Truthfinder or Beenverified account( others like instant checkmate also work)

4.Us phone number(burner or voip works)

5.A valid email account to receive emails

6.Common Sense

1. Go to: https://online.citi.com/US/ag/banking/checking-account/compare-account-packages and choose the access account

2. Now all you need to do is fill in your fullz first and last name, date of birth and ssn

3. Click “No” for the section that say” is there a joint application and continue to fill in you fullz details (address, city, state, email and phone number)

Note: Use a fresh email you have created for the open up and make sure you have access to it…..Same applies to the phone number
I recommend google voice for voip….Those using burner phone numbers are good to go

and select “no” for the field that says” do you plan on using this account to send and receive money internationally”

all you need to do now is a security word…make sure it’s a word you can easily remember or any other thing and hit continue

5. Now on the Employment and income section…..Make a background search on the work the fullz owner does and fill it in the required fields

6. Now when you get to annual income chose from 50k-100k in order to get on the safer hand

choose “no” for the field that says “are you receiving any pension retirement……….”

7. Choose no in the field that says” have you been notified by the IRS………”

8. if everything is green… your account will be opened and will be given the page to create online access…if they are unable to approve instantly..they will email you for additional info… and once you submit it..you are good to go

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