To generate driver’s license:

1: First google search ‘’Navy federal credit union’’ and select become a member

Click on Join now

2: Now select
“I’m serving or I’ve served in the military

3: Select “I’m a veteran”

4: Select 6 years and 5 months

5: Select
“Retired/still employed”
or DOD

6: You will see this, agree and continue

7: Put in your fullz details

8: Next page
Fill in the number and email you created and scroll down

9: Under the “Address type”
Select US. And Fill in your drops address

10: Under”Zip code”
You will see ” Have you lived at this address longer than 6 months?”
Select “NO”

11: Put in the victim’s fullz address as previous address

12: Put in the ID you generated as ID number
And select the State

13: Now fill in the Work details that can be found on the Job description side of the website you used to build the fullz

14: Now mine is a Insurance Broker in Hartford Ins Group so i just filled it

15: Choose “NO”

16: You can select any of the accounts but mostly just leave it at first one

17: Now Navy would want you to fund your account
Select” Mail a check”

18: This next page, just put in the debit card pin you would like to use and continue

19: Now you get to this page and you have to scroll down to agree with Navy Fed terms and conditions which brings you here

20: Agree and continue

21: The last step is this
Here it will be decided if they will approve you instantly or not

22: Easy as ABCD.. Got approved
Now we click on Continue

23: Now you set up the online banking
Which is your preferred username and password

24: After you select a Username and password
Click on
“Go paperless

25: Now this is a summary of my account details so i will copy and paste them somewhere safe and click on ‘SIgn IN”

26: It will open a new tab and take you to the login page
Put in your username and password

27: It will ask you to verify your identity
In that case they will send a code(numbers only) to your phone or email depending on which one you prefer
I prefer email

28: I put in the code and I am in
my Navyfed Account
My drop will receive the card in 7 business days

29: Now you can use the name and fullz of the victim to apply for unemployment benefits(PUA) and use the account numbers to receive the funds

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