1. Bank Log ( Wells Fargo, Chase, SunTrust, TD Bank etc )

2. RDP

3. Checkbook

4. Common Sense

You can get any of the tools from me or use a good store i also use and will recommend


1. The Bank Log Info we need (minimum)

For this process we need the following info:
• Account holder name
• Account Balance(so we know how much to send!)
• Online Bank login Details.

This can be accomplished with any bank that offers online banking, but I am going to run
through the process using Wells Fargo accounts as an Example.

2. Monitoring account balance and transaction history.

This will teach you how to monitor account balance and transaction history without even needing to log-in on the accounts and risk getting locked out whether it’s your own bank drop or a hacked Wells Fargo login, it doesn’t matter! Once you are in possession of full account numbers and routing and all details, then you should go to this website: or use truebill app qapital app etc

3.apply with the full details to a free monitoring account Once you have gotten the full account information create an account with any of the app and add the bank account. It’s very easy to do with the full account numbers/information you should have no problems on linking your accounts and in minutes you will be ready to monitor them all whether it’s a hacked bank login or your own USA bank drops This will allow you to monitor account and view transaction history without having to login to the WF account or bank drops and risk getting locked out.That is just a little sums up dirty/sneaky secret that yiu need to bypass security questions while still being able to monitor your accounts for micro-deposits and other needs.

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