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Here is update on How to Login Cashapp. Follow the steps below.

1. Download Cash app

2. Once downloaded, you remove your phone sim.

3. Switch off your phone after you remove your sim for it to reset.

4. Then connect your phone to Wi-Fi or use someone’s hotspot.

5. You check if your phone region is in USA or NAIJA, make sure it’s in the USA 🇺🇸

6. Change your phone time to the client location; i.e. if the client is in Las Vegas; you put your phone time to Las Vegas time.

7. Then connect to your VPN or socks. You can use PIA or Express VPN, both works well. Put the location to the client location or the nearest location✅

8. Then go to the cash app and fill in the info, it’s gonna ask for code, Cash pin next, if your phone IP is still strong, it will ask for sign in link immediately. You then collect & click  the sign in link from the client✅

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