⚠️Make sure it’s an old account. This tut won’t work for new account




Click on wallet on the top menu


Now click on LINK A CARD OR BANK

Now click on LINK A BANK ACCOUNT (you can add cc if its cc you want to work with)


Now you can choose your BANK ACCOUNT from this list, I spammed a SUNTRUST BANK LOGIN….so I chose SUNTRUST.

You will input the ACCOUNT NUMBER AND ROUTINE NUMBER of bank info you bought from the shop or spammer


Now on this page, to make this transfer faster…… click on CONFIRM INSTANTLY INSTEAD


Now this the next Page, to make this transfer Faster, click on CONFIRM INSTANTLY INSTEAD

Now enter the username and password of the bank login info u bought and click CONFIRM INSTANTLY


A code will be sent to the EMAIL ATTACHED TO THE BANK INFO u bought , always make sure u are using a bank log with email attached , it makes the job more professional


Finally done ✅ ✅ ✅

Now its time to make the transfer 💰💰




You will choose the bank added and then input AMOUNT


In case you don’t have the paypal debit card to pull out your money you can just add any bank debit card to the paypal to withdraw funds

The limit is $900 but i will assure you guys to load it with $400 so it won’t have any trigger

Money reflection!…….it reflects sameday if you use banks like USAA bank, NFCU bank or any other bank with federal

Now that you have money on your PayPal balance , you can send it anywhere u want BUT you can’t transfer money out of your PayPal the same day u added funds…ENJOY!

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