Hi Friends,

Here is how to know if client using postpaid number.  Follow the instructions below and thank me later.

(1) Just take the client phone number and go to https://www.freecarrierlookup.com/ and put the client phone number there.

(2) The site will tell you the carrier client uses and whether it’s prepaid or postpaid.

(3) If it’s postpaid then you good to go with some electronics,
you can use the postpaid account to shop IPHONES, IPADs etc. to the client and let the client send it to you.

(4) If it is prepaid, then sorry you can’t do anything with it.

The POSTPAID all you have to do is to ask the client to give you online access of his POSTPAID account and you will give it to trusted person you can work with or dm me

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