It’s a simple tricky way to get companies wire money to you

It has to do with A Company CEO email address and CFO email address

CFO of a company means “Chief Financial Officer”

The person in charge of finance in any company

It’s a method of clonning the CEO email and send an email to the CFO to effect a wire transfer to any bank of your choice

Now here is the process

Search on any company in US or any country

Take the name of the company to

At Linkedin you can find details of any company

Ensure you register at Linkedin

There you will see the list of the workers in the company, including the CEO and CFO

Do a thorough search about them, those are your 2 target

What you need is the both email address

You can search their name on google, twitter, facebook

The best tools to use in getting their details is call “Social Engineer Kit”

That software will enable you get email address of people you want to get their email

Now if the company website is

And the CEO email address is

Rush and get a Domain name and hosting with something similar to that of the real company, just twick it like “

and the email address

You see the trick?

If you are able to do that then you are 90% Gone

Now you are going to construct a brief message to the CFO
That will make him push a huge fund via wire transfer to you

I will Send you the sample message after now

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