1 – 1st you get a good vpn that can make your postings aproved and go live on a good classified website like craiglist,
olx, oodle and lots more

2 – goto the site where you wanna be posting apartments for rent, sublet, or sale and create an account its always free

3 – after creating the account on the classified website, zillow.com is a site that are 100% into apartment, sublet and
property sales so big real estate guy who gat properties for sale, lease or rentage go there to post based on legit so
you will go there and steal apartment posts worth like $3000 to go and repost in your own other classified site for very
like $1800 or even $1500

4 – the best way to post this since you will be doing scamming type of post you should always note the id of the real
poster of the porperty on zillow.com like its company name, real name, picture, office address, even website if they
have any and always post your own with same but you can just change the contact details to yours (am not saying you
should be creating new accounts for each apartment apartment post but you can just look for a very big real estate
company who has done so many apartment deal and has good prperties for sale or rent and also has evry good transaction
record so you can always use their id).

5 – after posting cos you are using a good vpn it might take up to 3 to 4 hours for your posting to go be approved and
go live on the website so you are 70% succeeding

6 – now since you posted a very fine and exclusive apartment for cheap you should be getting responce for interested
people in your mailbox so just reply them as a legit business guy and give them postive follow up till it get to the
level where they’ll be interested and wanna rent or buy the apartment
7 – so as a real estate guy that you are stealing a big companies name you should have the company apartment renting
or sales inquiry,rent approval and rent invoice and reciept of the company you are impersonating with the companies logo
and sinature so you can always forward to the client during times of transaction till you guys get to payment level(on
the reciept or inquiry or invoice you need a graphics designer who knows about what you doing to design such for you on
that as i have a boy who i train on how to do such graphics work)

8 – when it gets to payment level dont ever tell them to send money through western union or money gram that might give
them signal that you a scam cos all those warnings are on the website for them always look for an account to give t them
to make payments to like i have accounts for such jobs and always make sure the persons account you are using has to be
very fast at cashout and always have in ind that during the transaction process they will wanna see the apartment they
are paying for so thats why its always go to post a legit apartment cos you can tell them to drive down and check out
for themselves that you on a trip to sell another property or just tell them your own prefered story so when they go there
on their own and see that its a real apartment they always have every good reason to trust anything you tell them\

final words
for the vpn am gonna be giving you a very good 1 that will make your postings go live
am gonna be sending the download link f the vpn after this tutorial
its a -hotspot elite- people use to run from it thinking its not strong but its very good for job
its a cracked version definately its gonna be free forever so after installing successfully
if i ever told yu or gave you my method of getting 100% annonymity by mr whoer.net just contact me for that
cos this is 1 of the tip on how you can get you postings approved and go live on the site
as big as these sites i metioned are your target should be on how to get your listings or postings go live on the site
cos if it does milions of visitors goto the site everyday to find their need so if you posting goes live
all this am telling you is a matter of 5days to 1 week max you’ll do your cashouts for even more than 1 person for just
1 posting

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