1) if you have cc with this info
Country: USA

you can use it to card shops but you can’t card a products larger than $5k or $10k even if there is more than that on the cc, bank will decline it

2) So if you have such a cc info (with money in it:bangbang:) and u want to make a huge purchase online, go through the following steps

3) Go to ssndob.cc

4) Use the name and address to find the Ssn and dob of the cc owner, it less than $3 or so

5) Use the first 6 digits of the cc to find the bin (or bank the cc is attached to) then google for the toll free number of the

6) Use Google hangout or text now or any USA number app to call the toll free number

7) A machine will pickup and ask for the cc number and last 4 Ssn digits , they sometimes ask for zipcode

8) The machine will ask you what you need and you can ask to hear the balance on the credit card , you will be told the total amount on the credit card

9) After knowing the Balance in the credit card, you can ask the machine to forward you to Customer Care

10) Once the call is forwarded to the customer care , you will be asked for cc number, Ssn and dob

11) if the information matches, you will be asked for what you need, Just tell the customer lady/man that you want to make a large purchase or buy something huge with the cc so they should allow you

12) That all, anything you do with the credit card will pass through :100:, you won’t get any decline if you do this

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