With Coinomi, you can purchase bitcoin with credit card as long as you have full personal info. The verification process requires you to upload document or if you Use a US card, you can easily verify identity using SSN + personal info like dob etc. You just need to fill correct ssn and dob. This is the easiest approach.

First purchase is the most important one in carding, If you fail, it may cause errors to try to card again after a failed transaction, always pay attention to details when carding for first time

Card Details

Confirm the order summary and amount then proceed to card details. All the fields must be typed one by one to not trigger security alert. Your fullz should have all these info

BTC amount

I selected $310, anything below $500 for first purchase is good. Also enter the address of the btc you want to send to

Your email you chose should at least have one name of the cardholder to look like a personal email and make our carding easier

Confirm all the warning

To proceed, confirm that you are aware of the transaction and you wish to authorize the charge. This is an essential update to make sure the site will have authority to charge your card

Verify Identity Information

We need to provide our ssn information if we want to proceed. SSN lookups cost from $30 if you have names and address info.

Proceed with billing address

Next fill the billing address from your fullz info. Before entering address, always make sure to search the address in google to make sure its correct and remove any typos

Verification and Order summary

Now when you hit verify information. A number of checks will be performed, this will verify the details of the cc holder’s names, address ssn etc. The windows will take some secs to load

A summary of the checks you need to follow while performing the verification. Just click I understand and make sure to choose the SSN in the drop down so we can type the ssn in the following fields.

Payment Summary

Finally, when all is good, you will get an order summary with payment information. This is what you will have purchased

The transaction is already confirmed and you have btc in your wallet. This action is irreversible and you won’t lose the btc. Even if the owner of cc claims for a chargeback.

The address contains a link that you can click and check the transaction in blockchain. As you can see its colored to indicate it’s a link. Right clicking it will give the following option.

Finally accept terms and conditions and proceed

Open in new tab to view the blockchain transaction









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