Using any payment method linked to it, including amazon account balances

Go to google and type

Now go to register if you don’t have an account on ipayyou
You’ll be asked to put your:

Now a code will be sent to your gmail.
Put the code and click SUBMIT

Now select bitcoin As your default currency.
Then click create account

Now click on Earn Bitcoin

Then click on custom BTC address

Now put your bitcoin address and click save.

make sure the address you’re adding must be your permanent bitcoin address that doesn’t expire.
Once you put it click save

Next is select the amount of gift card you want to buy

You will see an option Go to to Purchase

Click Go to to Purchase

Continue and proceed to checkout

It will take you to where you will log in your amazon account.
If you don’t have account on amazon create one. And signin

When checking out in shipping address you have to select ipayou address as your shipping

Next is Save gift options

Use free shipping method. Then you click continue

Place your order with the preferred payment and order will be placed if your card is good.

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