Hook Up method

Enter this site
Look for nice porn picture
Click on it
When it load the profile
Click on one of her picture
When it load
Click on view Twitter profile
Register with this site and post
Curvy 💋 Erotic ❤ Juicy 😘
Hey guys its Paula? Im available now and READY to have some fun!! All my pictures are 100%
real and recent!! I offer full service and im very professional. Call me for an unforgettable
experience. 41222……
Incall price:
1hr $200
Hhr $150
Overnight $450
Out call:
1hr $300
Hhr $ 200
Overnight: $500
Note: incall means them go come meet you where you dey and out call you go go meet am
where him dey
When you post finish expect messages in less than 20-30mins
After an hr or two go back to
Click edit post
And repost it again
Note: post on your free time cos yankee like pussy gan ooo no be beans them go text you like
Mostly I do give them from $500 upward and I charge $2000 for 3 days or two days
And the pics where you dey use must get video sexy ones of her dancing and showing up her
self in pants and bra to seduce the clients and must be ready to open bible of dirty little mind
that’s sex chat
They may wanna spend weekend with you and most client fit won carry you on a traveling trip
so you have to be ready to bill
Offer ur best price for the days you will be spending with them outside
If you wanna kill them talk sex with them before entering billing they will go down on any price
you offer them
Me I don’t have nudes I only have bad pics that can make useless men horny

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