Hook Up Format



Hello how are you doing?


I’m fine too, where are you located?



Where in New york?


Wow, I’m also here to visit a friend

Do you know Holiday Inn express around brooklyn downtown?


How far is the hotel to you?


That’s close

So do you wanna fuck?


Okay, it’ll cost you 100$ to fuck me though


Are you down or not?


Okay so when do you wanna come?


When you’re ready to come, you come along with a condom and a 100$ steam card then text me when you’re here, i’ll come get you.


I don’t accept cash for my safety, I hope you understand what I meant


I mean I don’t know if you’re a cop or if this could be a setup and a giftcard doesn’t indicate any form of payment so it’s safe for the both of us.


Okay, picture of the condom and the card please


and you have to scratch the card so i can check it’s validity then i’ll come get you


I’ll have to check the validity before I meet you because some people come with the aim of rape or not paying after


Some even do come with used card so i cant meet you until i’ve checked the validity of the card


OMG Really?

You just sent me a used card

I should have known you’re not serious about this

I feel like I’m being used

So you actually wanted to fuck me with a used card

You know what?

Just get another card in a nearby store

It could be the steam services, just get google play instead

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