Hi Friends,

Here is Fresh carding method 2023, follow the instructions below and thank me later.

Carding method:

Connect Socks 5 to match the CC location using any anti detect browser.

✅For good socks you can use faceless.cc, and for the Anti detect browser like Gologin, you can use a free one called Incogniton

➡️ Visit www.tanga.com and shop iphones, PS, xbox n more other moving gadget

➡️ Pick Items and add them to cart

‼️ Total items cost shouldn’t exceed $1000

➡️ Checkout with PayPal, click pay with Debit or Credits

➡️ Click Continue as Guest, put in victim CC info and billing

➡️ Put your own address at the shipping address field or where you want items to be shipped to.

‼️Make sure the billing address matches with the CC.

➡️ After successfully checking out, wait a while and call or mail them support@tanga.com, give them reason U need the package soon and they will ship immediately.

😂 If you don’t know what to write 📝 you can use Chat GPT and write you a very nice message and then you forward to their support.

➡️ Incase you have PayPal logs with Balance or PayPal credits in it, login that hacked PayPal via Tanga and use it to checkout. Good Luck 🤞

⚠️ Note: The information shared in this channel is for educational purposes only. Use it at your own discretion

😡 Please nobody should contact me on this post. It’s self explanatory. I already got lots of messages I haven’t replied 😒

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