This method of ewhoring does not require survey site
Just get nice girl pics nd cam and target HORNY CLIENTS …u chat dirty with them and show them small cam and tell them u will video call them for a CAM SHOW and u will show boobs and pussy etc but u dont do it free…tell them u do it for itunes gift card $25 cos u love listening to music on your iphone …with this method u will really need to learn how to CHAT DIRTY ..u are literally a slut online me this shit works most clients will order itunes gift code for u dont over price it just tell them $10 or $20 or $25..imediately he sends u the code REDEEM it at paxful for bitcoins(I will teach that)..and BLOCK HIM IMMEDIATELY if you cannot do the video cam…
In a day u can get 30-40 clients paying $10 cos $10 is affordable to horny clients ..u are making $400 a day easy,…$400 is or 150,000 naira a say

with this ewhoring method i just explained your model should be young, HOT and sexy …u willl need a lot of nude photos to deceive these clients to wantng to see more…also try to get 1, or 2 cam or hot vids of the girl cos some clients want to see a short video to believe u will really show them cam

THIS METHOD IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL and am just teaching for educational purposes…i am not responsible if u get into trouble but boys must make money

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