WHAT is ewhoring?

its a method where you pretend to be a Hot Girl (Mostly) or Boy(gay) in on a dating with sole intentions of sending your affiliate link to the client to fulfill a survey and you get paid

Now this is not the traditional method where u dey ask client for relationship and later bill him to pay no

this one we are targeting HORNY CLIENTS…CLIENT that love sex

or gay clients

you will have to get pictures of a hot female or young hot male boy (to catch gay clients)

If you have videos too that’s cool

now after getting your stuff ready go to any falaaa site like mingle2.com or tubidy or pof sef or okcupid.com and create account there…fill in ur profile normal…then be smart dont put nudes there they will ban u but put a pic thats hot but not nude..a pic with sexual appeal

now also register for a SURVEY SITE that pays you money per every survey u conduct

so lets say you get a site that pays $0.5 per survey…(check online there are many survey sites)
so u go and chat every new client on the dating site in a sexy way and u can send them nude pics if they request …later you tell them you work for a private company and your company is conducting a survey and he should take 5 mins of his time to fill in the survey ..then u send him your link ..u can promise him that once he is done you will have a cam show with him or you will send him your pussy pics etc,…dont delay on one client if u see his mind no dey just forget and chat another client…most clients will fill the survey fast and each client u are earning $0.5 …
if u do 50 clients a day thats $25 …100 clients a day $50 easy money…

this one averagely 10mins per client..especially indian clients I know some of them are here 😅

Then I used to chat almost 200 clients a day and make about $100 daily…multiply that by 30 days 3000$

IF U WANT ONLINE SURVEYS go to google and search ONLINE PAID SURVEYS u will get 100s of them

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