Hi Friends,

Here is the crypto method plus bins. Follow the given instructions and thank me later.

First of all, below👇🏾 are the regular bins used to carding them, feel free to dm obaupdate +15017798972 on WhatsApp for card purchases if not sure of where to buy your live cards on the listed bins or ask obaupdate for mega high limit bins purchase “when I mean mega high limit bins, all cards in that bin are owner by CEOs and super rich Americans as such you can purchase large amount from those kind of cards.

• 405537
• 476516
• 473932
• 511190

Higher bins
413602 credit
475583 credit
401171 debit


1• First make a client in usa to download this app Called CRYPTO.COM

2• Ask the client or the person in usa to verify the account as well as do selfie verification for the account to be verified.

I know many guys will ask me whether they can create the account themselves in Africa or wherever, please it best if the person creating it is in usa because of the many verifications they ask for. So make someone create it and collect logins.

3• After the account is created , it will take up to 24 hours for it to be fully created and verified totally but more of the times gets verified in couple of hours 2 or 4 at most.

4• Once you login the crypto.com after it’s been verified, Click the crypto.com icon at the bottom center of the app.

5• Now click on crypto wallet, on the next screen bellow click add card at the bottom of the screen.

Add credit or debit card info and buy CRO coin, they sell the CRO coin easier and faster because it’s their own coin which they want it to sell out fast and enter circulation like Bitcoin, ETH and the popular coins now.

6• If the card is good and a proper bin, you will get a confirmation message and screen telling you your purchase was successful.

7. Now go back to the CRO wallet and swap the CRO coin you just purchased to BTC and send out BTC to your external wallet.

8. Cheers!👏 you just got yourself free btc, your can repeat process again If account still active if not get another crypto.com account and repeat the easy process till your richee than Elon musk via cryptocurrency.😘


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