Today I”m gonna teach you guys how to make some cool cash using UK credit card to buy gifts cards sell it or turn them to Bitcoins ,I have been studying this and been working on it since yesterday still everything was successful, it very easy😇 I made €2000 and $3100 Bitcoin with it yesterday

Don’t tell me anymore that you are broke because this is an opportunity to make money ,All you have to do is to buy UK MasterCard with kind of balance you want ,get your tools and shop the site down ,
Last year we shop many cards in the site uding USA American Express cc but now the site was recreate and it’s not going again tho I shop it yesterday but I noticed UK cards is the going cool in the site
Don’t sit down and watch ,invest ,take that risky so your life will change
God create poverty is not he want someone to be poor bit because he kept it for lazy human being that always complain without working ,so your position of becoming rich or poor in your hands🩺
Now let see how to shop the site

===Tools Needed ====
UK MasterCard CC
Laptop or smart good phone
Paid VPN or RDP
Mac cleaner
Emàil Address

1:Use mac cleaner or One bosster to Clean your phone or laptop ,then turn on your rdp or paid strong vpn to United kingdom
Make sure you have good network connection to avoid messing up everything
After that then go to and click on it ,I will take you to this page
( If you are you not using paid strong VPN or RDP , it will not show up so make sure everything is okay before you click on the site )

Scroll down , You will see alot of gifts cards and products😇
But as first time we are choosing Amazon gift card🧑‍💻

So we click on Amazon Gift card and continue✅

They are list of Amazon cards to buy starting from £25 to £100 so we select £100 at first but I later order from £500 to £1300 at once
When ordering it depends on the amount of money in the cc and fee is also applied so buy a high balance of cc

Put a valid mail where the code will be delivered to✅

It will take you to payment method ,they are alot way to pay but select MasterCard💳 as your payment method🔌

Put the details that you in cc that you bought from spammer or me ,make use it correct ,if all the details is correct it will tick✅ But if the cc is fake it will tick ❌
So don’t buy any fake CC

Put the Card number , expired date , CVV and name on the card , if it MasterCard card it will show up there👆 and it the details is all correct it will tick ✅
I put all the details and click on make payment🧑‍💻

It will take 5mins for your payment to be confirmed✅

🔥🤩 Check your email , bomb💥 alot of money has be made😇
Very simple and easy if you follow my steps🧑‍💻

Finally : they are alot website and vendors that buy ecode cards ,I too buy , Sell them off and get your money transfer into your account 😀


They are also alot website that can turn your ecode cards to Bitcoin within 5mins the major site is Paxful and Partica
Create Account their and trade with them get your Bitcoin delivered to your wallet within 5 to 15mins

Summary: That’s about using credit card to make Bitcoin
This update is only made by me it’s has not casted so I advice you to shop from it now before noobs cast them because I know now it will be start be posting everywhere in telegram channels or groups, WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups
I will shop from it for 1wk I too need money
So this is easy step to make some cool cash and go for higher jobs like black cards or bank logs even hacking but you need to start from somewhere first🩺


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