CashApp Method

1. Find Cash app with transactions and that’s been open at least 8 months
2. Find a đŸ”¥ bin
3. Remove card(s) (bank)that is already attached to that cash app (if any).
4. Go to add cash without any card or bank attached and type in amount. My favorite is 1000, then hit add cash . It’s going to ask for card info . Type in card info then it’s going to add the cash to the account.
5. Once cash is added, remove the burnt piece , and Link the bank you want to cash out to by routing and acc #. and link the debit card that belongs to that bank. 6. Next go to cash out and hit standard cash out 1-3 business days. It’s going to cash out. Next go to transactions and click on the cash out transaction you just did , at the bottom there will be a box that’ says ( deposited to bank) or something like that. Tap the box and it will show the receipt, at the bottom of that will say instant deposit.. click on that and it will overide the standard deposit and instant deposit you

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