Loading Cashapp Using an Huntington bank log
You can use this method for any other bank log


Verified cashapp account with history (When buying cashapp account make sure you get email access and routing and account number attached)

Huntington bank log with email access


Step 1

Login to the bought cashapp account using the email you got request access code and input the code to continue.

Step 2

For confirm identity choose bank account and enter routine number and account number

Get the cashapp routing number and account number

Step 3

Login to the bank log and confirm identity using code sent to the email

Step 5

Navigate to Payments click on bill pay and add payee

Step 6

Fill in the cashapp account details (routing number , account number and type checking)

Step 7

Click on pay people/companies add the amount you want to send and confirm payment

Money will reflect on the cashapp account after 2 business days and now you can use it to buy btc

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