Canada Loading tutorial


Buy Canada logs from

With this I used TD log to do it


Once you login , click on INTERAC E-TRANSFER mostly found on the left side of the Dashboard

The Interac Page looks like this Sender,Account,Amount,Recipient and Message

Sender : Owner of the hacked log you bought , don’t write anything here, it will be filled automatically

Account: Whether checking or Savings account (choose where the money is in)

Amount : Limit is $3500 per transaction and $10k per day

Recipient : Email of your client receiving the money

Message: It is optional do you don’t need to write anything there

Click on ADD NEW if this the first time you sending to a contact on this log

On the ADD NEW page

Fill the information here with your Canada client info. The name doesn’t matter

Email should be the correct email attached to your client receiving account

Click on ADD

After clicking Add, you will be taken back to a page to fill the rest of the info which shouldn’t necessarily be the one on the log you bought

Click Next

Review Page, make sure everything is correct and click SEND MONEY


Money will be Auto deposited into your drop account.

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