😍Bluevine PPP Loan Wave😍

Go to bluevine.com and find the PPP loan application .
Register and activate your account via email .

Follow these steps instructions below!

Business Name: Full name of pro/jug

Trade Name: Full name or leave blank

Business address: address of full/pro

Tax EIN/SSN: enter SSN, EIN not needed

Annual revenue: this should be between 85-110k

Customers: Consumers/Private individuals

Entity Type: Sole proprietorship

Existing financing : None or other financing


Enter bank info (bank name, AN, RN, February 2020 statement) you can edit a current statement to say February 2020


Enter the general info that’s required.

Role: Owner

Percentage: 100%

Other than you, are there any individuals who own 20% or more of the business? : NO



Have you received a prior SBA loan? :Answer accordingly

Have you applied for a PPP loan with a different lender?: Answer accordingly

If yes, was it within the past seven days?: Answer accordingly

Is your business seasonal? :No

Business start date: Any date prior 03/2018. I use 2017 dates just to be safe.

Aside from Payroll, what else will this loan be used for? : Check all boxes (utilities, lease/mortgage)

Industry classification: I personally file as a caterer so that would fall under “Accommodation and Food Services” but this can be pretty much any service or job type.

Employees: 5-8

Average monthly payroll: *THIS HAS TO BE $8000 IN ORDER TO GET 20k!*****

All following questions in section B/C are all NO.

Submit application, they will prompt you to verify email once they show qualification amount.

Next steps..

Once you complete email activation they will ask you for a schedule C form(super easy to make).

Go to pdffiller.com and sign up for free trial.

The schedule C is pretty self explanatory but the most vital part is line 31. This must match your “average monthly payroll” or it will not get approved. If you have any question about schedule C get at me. I can cook it up for you if needed. Other than that it should take less than a day or 2 for approval and another day or to for deposit to hit account.


1. Get client’s full info; name ssn address dob bank information and logins.

2. Visit bluevine.com and apply for credit. You would be ask info, fill in client’s information, strictly client’s details.

3. You would be ask how much you want as loan, stay below 50,000$ and proceed

4. Create account and follow process.

5. After, submit application, you should would know how much you qualify for based on your ssn/tax id.

6. Click on the link in the verification mail to create account and complete additional tasks.

7. After completing, wait for approval. If you’ve got good credit score, within 6 hours you’d be approved

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