Betterment Tutorial 🔥
1. Ask your client to sign up betterment and open checking account and cash reserve inside betterment
2. Link any bank (local or prepaid) to betterment. Make sure the bank linked is in the client’s name
3. After linked go to cash reserve account the client opened up in betterment and click deposit
4. You can deposit any amount you like from $10k-$200k(Deposit is only made via a bank log, buy from or dm admin on whatsapp at +15017798972 for assistance on how to get best bank log for this with good balance)
5. Funds will be available for withdrawal the next business day
6. For withdrawal/cashout link another local bank or prepaid not necessary to be in the client’s name and request withdrawal
NOTE: You can wait for card to be delivered for the betterment checking account then transfer from cash reserve to checking and ask client to swipe card at store or you link external bank to request for withdrawal
Enjoy while it lasts 🔥



When collecting betterment the same client to sign up for a account for faster cashout.

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