Hi Friends,

Here is Apple Update, follow the instructions and thank me later.


* Setup 911 to your drop zip
* Clean IP
* City IP also good if zip not available

Purchase your credit card the below  firing Bin :

* 517805
* 414720
* 542418
* 414709
* 546616
Run back to

Browse the apple website by visiting www.apple.com

Click on the Apple logo

Here you select the item you want to card I am selecting iPhone 13 Pro

Those who select 13 pro should click on it this will come then you click on buy

NOTE : Here you need to select NO when they ask do you use smartphone

And the payment too click on one time payment

After you are done click on add to bag

Here you click on view bag

Click on checkout

Click on continue as quest

Apply the cc you bought it zip

click on continue to shipping address

here you need to enter your pickers name and the address use the address on the cc you bought

Here too enter the phone number and the email on the cc

After you’re done click on continue payment

Here you click on credit or debit card

type in the card details

click on continue to review

Then place your order you are good to go

Once you see or ready to ship change drop address to your client address

Cheers ✅


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