Hi Friends,

Here are all instructions about Australia mygov and how to get it (part2).


Do you have any Government Profile in your country ?

If the client asked , What you mean?

I mean anything like Government confidential profile in your country linked to ATO or Centrelink

If yes.

Do you have ATO or CENTERLINK ?

If Yes on anyone available ?

( ATO is the highest pay tax refund claim while Centrelink is a low tax refund claim but very fast in payment , but all based on Australia clients credit score in processing )

I just got a contract from a Company , held a call from them not quite long baby , this is a company I applied application job with long time ago

Baby this worth million deals and I was told to get my spouse or partner info in Australia or any country he / she is from to them , to enable them to affirm if they can deal with ms as Married or responsible person .

All I thought is you baby 🥰🥰🥰🥰❣️ .

Hold baby let me get a call from them to get hold of what is needed . A mins babe

( After some mins ) :

They seek for MyGov details to be given down in other for them to process down my application baby .

: ( Assure the client that you told the Secretary in charge of the application deal through phone call that you told he/her that your partner is an Australian or is in Australia )

Incase you are not an Australian Or you faked other country to your Client ?

Assure the cl they seek for vital details of my partner document from any country he/she is

( For her to comply with the scope )
They requested for ID or DL of my partner in a particular country also baby ( Australia )

They might call you anytime soon

They requested for Government proofs of the person in a particular country

So baby you are the only person that I can trust on this millions deal of mine OK .

If you want any sharing or percentage from the deal , I m ready to give you 20% or any percentage you want , remitted from the company disbursement to you my love.

‌All I need is to trust from you and to have your total cooperation in order for them to disburse payment through your MyGov or either through your bank or mine baby , I want them to be assured of who I am dealing with as a partner . thats is the clarification of understanding in my work moves with them honey , This is a Company that has terms and conditions on all deals with any of their worker due to domestic violence and sanctions of any worker marital failure in the company .

Baby to fulfil this application , I solely need your MyGov logins to give the secretary in charge , for the secretary to access the necessary in needed for the application .

If he/she complied

Collect the logins and confirm that its online access and also linked either to ATO or Centrelink .

FMT : You can download MyGov generator code to link the MyGov to control the code for check up and earlier or lately disbursement and all .

( With this you don’t need code from client but make sure you follow up and scope him / her that the company are working on It until you get the tax refund paid for the MyGov . )

Tell the client it’s the company working on it .

Enjoy !

Abeg if you get Australia cl this na monthly money oh 20k asap

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