Hi Friends,

Here is 2024 Cc to Btc method. Follow the instructions below and thank me later.

Cc to btc

Always use RDP, SOCKS or VIP72 client or Proxifier on RDP.

On Windows:

Delete your DNS Cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /flushdns

Release your cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /release

Renew your IPV4 or cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /renew

Method #1:

Step 1: First go to http://payeer.com and register there. Put only mail address and

captcha. Use hotmail or gmail for better result. Then a window will tell you your

User ID, Password and Master Key, save them on a text file. Do not lose this info!

Step 2: Next step is to confirm your mobile number; you can use your own mobile

number or any text-receiving number.

Step 3: Now comes the main part.

Scroll to the top. On the menu click “Add”.

Then choose your preferable payment method, “Visa /Mastercard” (note: use USA

socks for see that payment option available). Otherwise can use EU bank logins

using preferable socks to topup Payeer wallet. And make sure your wallet is SMS


Step 4: Now enter your card info’s or bank login (if you select Intl. Wire Transfer

or Bank transfer ). Be careful Payeer is VBV/masterpass protected site, try to

make use of Non-VBV or best BIN.

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