Fresh device that has never had Venmo installed on it ($25+ androids Walmart or dollar tree recommended) Btc or PayPal for # site , Good CC debit card ,Drop

Create account with CC info Name
Create an email for cc
And when it asks you for phone number Https://

The sites and apps know the difference between voip Numbers(textfree) and Sms Numbers (sim card) , this site will help u get verification codes for the specific app or site you want to hit .

Load site with bitcoin , verify number
Then you add profile picture from someone’s Facebook or IG And add cc and billing address of card
And add the drop accounts phone number to your contacts (If you want to make it more secure link burner account to an old Facebook account and you can raise the balance on how much may be sent )

Once you see your drop account in the contacts of your burner account then you may proceed Send $100 as a starter, if successful DO NOT spam CC. Wait like 1hr to send another transaction If unsuccessful try for a lower amount or scrap account

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