Hi Friends,

Here is how to open arvest account. Follow the instructions and thank me later.

🔷 You need DL scan (Live video method for sell ) contact @obaupdate
🔷 PROS (fullz with cs over 700+)
🔷 Real phone number
🔷 Email
🔷 Mail Drop
🔷 Background Check of Fullz

❗️You can try manually enter DL infos from your scans, but you probably get not approved by this.

1️⃣ Go to https://www.arvest.com/personal/bank/checking/apply and click apply now and select FREE BLUE, scroll down and tap next.

2️⃣ Now you get asked for “are you an arvest customer?” select: no. Select individual and put in fullz real email and your google voice phone.

3️⃣ Put in fullz real SSN and take front and back DL.

If you manual enter is more likely to get declined.

Take the live picture of the front and back of your ID and submit. If you want learn it, let me know, i sell method for this here

And it fills in your info for you. Hit next.

4️⃣ If you live in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri or Oklahoma, you will be automatically eligible. If you do not, say you are moving to one of those states for school or work on this page. It can be any state just remember what you put because they might ask on the phone when you call up later to setup online banking.

5️⃣ It will ask you security questions from fullz background report such as family member birthdays, streets you lived on, etc. answer them correctly or your application will be denied.

The next couple pages are all legal agreements and shit just agree to everything. When they ask about overdraft it don’t matter pick whatever. When they ask about deposit put “mail check or visit branch”. They will give you a confirmation page when you are done if you are approved. If not, try a different head. Most ppl get approved if they put correct info and answer the questions correctly.

We can work as soon as your card lands in mailbox. I will help u setup ur online banking and fund it with logs so we can eat instant 🤑

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